Olive Bridget MONINS JP

Born1903 Ringwould House, Walmer, Kent
FatherMaj John Henry (Joe) MONINS JP (1851 – 1920)
MotherEdith (Edie) Julia COBBOLD (1863 – 1947)

Life Events

1920Death of father Maj John Henry (Joe) MONINS JP
1925Married Ralph Victor TOYNBEE
1925Birth of son Michael Robert TOYNBEE
1928Birth of son Peter Monins TOYNBEE
1932Birth of daughter Jane Bridget TOYNBEE
1944Birth of son Simon Victor TOYNBEE
1947Death of mother Edith (Edie) Julia COBBOLD
1970Death of husband Ralph Victor TOYNBEE
2005Death of son Peter Monins TOYNBEE

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