Edith (Edie) Julia COBBOLD

Born1863 Ipswich
Died1947 Killed in a road accident by a police car on emergency
FatherJohn Patteson COBBOLD JP MP (1831 – 1875)
MotherAdela Harriette DUPUIS (1837 – 1917)

Biography and Notes

Edith was a devoted wife and mother. It was said of her husband Joe Monins at his funeral service on 23rd March 1920 that like Chaucer's knight 'He loved truth and honour, freedom and chivalry'. These Christian principles were paramount in Edith's life too, indeed she worked tirelessly for the Girls Friendly Society and ironically it was when she was returning from a GFS meeting in Church House, Westminster that she was killed by a Police car in the Kings Road, Chelsea.

She married Joe on 25th January 1885 at St. Mary le Tower in Ipswich. A contemporary account claims that 'the procession of the bridal party from the chancel to the altar between the white robed choristers was a remarkably pretty sight and the large number of the public who were fortunate enough to gain entrance to the church must have felt amply rewarded, for it is many a day since such a pretty wedding has been witnessed in Ipswich.
The service over, and as the bride and bridegroom and attendants and some friends left the chancel for the vestry to sign their names in the old parish register, Mr Nunn (#1146 on the web family tree) played the 'Bridal March' (Wagner), followed by Mendelssohn's brilliant 'Wedding March' as the newly-married couple left the church with, we are sure, the best wishes of everyone for their future happiness and prosperity'.

Edith kindly left us a diary of her trip to India in 1904 and this extract gives use a glimpse of her enjoyment. "Monday Feb. 15th. Got up early and were called for by Maharajah's carriage and driven to the River Ganges where we found a boat with red rowers waiting and had a delightful expedition down the river. Wonderful effect of native Palaces, and colouring crowds of all sorts of Hindus, rich and poor thronging to bathe in the sacred waters, the colours are truly wonderful and their toilets. Joe ascended a Minaret and had a fine view of the city.

We got back about 10 o'clock to Hotel and rested, and had lunch and then were fetched at 3 o'clock to pay our respects to the Maharajah, such a quaint person dressed up in brocades and seated round a table we conversed and went to a big native garden party, most interesting and quaint, and truly wonderful. Miles of illuminations and fireworks, hideous gardens, masses of native Royals and otherwise in gorgeous costumes, little Princes with lovely jewels. Purdah ladies looking on behind screens. Went to the great native Banquet 80 people in the evening to meet the La Tonebi's. Very quaint received by Maharajah but his son took his place at table."

Reading about Edith it is clear that she had a fine, full and Christian life.

Anthony Cobbold
March 2018

Life Events

1875Death of father John Patteson COBBOLD JP MP
1885Married Maj John Henry (Joe) MONINS JP in St Mary le Tower, Ipswich
1890Birth of son John Eaton MONINS
1893Birth of daughter Adela Mary Evelyn MONINS
1896Birth of daughter Margaret Mary MONINS
1897Birth of daughter Eleanor Victoria MONINS
1903Birth of daughter Olive Bridget MONINS JP
1909Death of daughter Margaret Mary MONINS
1917Death of mother Adela Harriette DUPUIS
1920Death of husband Maj John Henry (Joe) MONINS JP
1939Death of son John Eaton MONINS

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