Alan Brooksby COBBOLD

Born1830 Wivenhoe, Essex
Died1901 217 Cromwell Rd (or Cromwell Mansions) London
FatherCharles COBBOLD (1793 – 1859)
MotherAnn ROE (1795 – 1851)

Biography and Notes

Alan Brooksby is recorded as having had Whooping Cough in the 1830s. The sponsors at his baptism on 15th August 1830 were Mrs C Cobbold, ? Maclean and Rev. Thomas Brooksby.

In 1864 he owned the 238 acre Rose Hill estate. It was sold to the Rev E C Alston of Dennington. On his death it was sold again and Rose Hill Road, Alston Road and Alan Road were constructed, the latter named after Alan Brooksby Cobbold.

Life Events

1851Death of mother Ann ROE
1859Death of father Charles COBBOLD
1866Married Harriet Parker Valentina BARTHOLOMEW in Kensington, London
1867Birth of son Capt. Alan Ralph COBBOLD KOSB
1869Birth of daughter Amelrosa (Tiny) COBBOLD
1871Birth of son Capt. Charles Augustus COBBOLD
1874Birth of daughter Mattie Harriette Fonnereau COBBOLD

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