FatherOwen ROE (1770 – 1825)
MotherAnn COE (1764 – 1846)
Occupation(of Rose Hill, Ipswich, Suffolk)

Biography and Notes

She is buried in a large tomb with her father in the grounds of the Chapel of St Andrew, Darmsden, Suffolk. She inherited her father's not inconsiderable landed property which is how the Rose Hill estate came into the Cobbold family.

Their first child was born and died on 7th August 1816

F Gordon Roe writes: "One word more before leaving Ann (Roe) Cobbold among the shadows. Her granddaughters (Amelrosa and Mattie) passed on to me a tradition as to how Ann had enjoyed the distinction of dancing no less than four times with King George IV (then presumably still Prince Regent) at one and the same ball.
No date was given for this festivity, but the most likely occasion appears to have been on 25th November 1812, when 'Prinney' with the Duke of Clarence (later King William IV) and their suites visited Ipswich, and attended a concert at Prigg's Assembly Room, 'to which many of the principal families in the town and neighbourhood were invited'. Was there not also dancing? Their Royal Highnesses elected to spend the night at an old inn known as Copdock White Elm, in the village of Washbrook; and, in mentioning this, Taylor's Tourist Guide to...Suffolk (1887) specifically states that the royal party went there 'after attending a ball in Ipswich'. In 1812, Ann was a young thing of 17, but quite grown-up enough to appear; and three years later saw her married to her Charles. (The trifle that 1815 was also the Waterloo year need not detain us.) Anyhow, and qua 'Prinney' one feels safe in hazarding a guess that, in 1812, the future Mrs Charles Cobbold was a good dance-partner".

Life Events

1815Married Charles COBBOLD in St Clements Church, Ipswich
1818Birth of son Charles Owen COBBOLD
1825Birth of daughter Ann Elizabeth Roe COBBOLD
1825Death of father Owen ROE
1828Birth of son Georgiana COBBOLD
1830Birth of son Alan Brooksby COBBOLD
1837Death of son Charles Owen COBBOLD
1837Death of daughter Ann Elizabeth Roe COBBOLD
1837Death of son Georgiana COBBOLD
1846Death of mother Ann COE

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