Charlotte Jane MONYPENNY

Born1839 Hadlow, Kent
Died1884 Highbury Park, Middlesex

Biography and Notes

Frederick and Charlotte had 11 children.

Charlotte was the daughter of the Rev. James Isaac Monypenny born 18 1 1799 Sussex and died 14 12 1881 Pitmilly, Scotland. He was the Vicar of Hadlow - 1851 Census and 25th Laird of Pitmilly, Scotland and Mary Blackwell Monypenny born 9 12 1804 Kent and died 19 12 1880 Kent. They married 8 1 1827 and had eight children. She was his first cousin, the daughter of his Uncle Robert Monypenny.

Life Events

1860Married Rev. Frederick Arthur Cecil LILLINGSTON in Suffolk
1861Birth of son Claude Arthur Mon(e)ypenny LILLINGSTON

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