Frederick COBBOLD

Died1870 Ipswich, Suffolk
FatherJohn COBBOLD (1746 – 1835)
MotherElizabeth WILKINSON (1753 – 1790)

Biography and Notes

Frederick was born, the last child of John Cobbold (1745-1835) by his first wife in Ipswich in 1789. His mother, Elizabeth née Wilkinson died only seven months after his birth and his father remarried the following year. John’s second wife was also Elizabeth (née Knipe) and Frederick will have been brought up by her along with his older brothers and sisters and with the further seven children she bore.

He purchased a Cornetcy (or perhaps his father purchased it for him) in the 1st or Royal Dragoons on 23rd August 1810. He was advanced to Lieutenant by purchase on 15th August 1811. He served in the Peninsular Wars (1808-1814) and fought in the Battle of Toulouse on 10th April 1814, this being one of the last battles of the Napoleonic Wars. For this service he qualified for the Military General Service Medal (1793-1814) with the Toulouse clasp although it was not issued until 1847.

He returned to England in July 1814 and the 1st Regiment of Dragoons was stationed in the West Country for customs duties, settling in Exeter with squadrons based at Taunton and Truro. When the Regiment was ordered to Flanders in 1815 he remained in England and consequently missed the Battle of Waterloo. When the 1st Dragoons returned from France in early 1816 they were stationed first at Ipswich and later in Scotland between 1817 and 1818 and then Ireland from 1818 to 1821.

Frederick married Maria O’Connor at Dunmore by Galway on 2nd September 1818. Although his Regiment returned to Lancashire and had moved on to Dorset by spring 1821 their two sons, John Bodkin and George Augustus were born in Ireland in 1821 and 1822. It seems that he was experiencing some bad health as he transferred to the 10th Hussars on half pay in November 1822. They must have been back in England by July 1825 when their first daughter, also named Maria was born in Essex. In October 1828 the War Office received a notice that Lt Frederick Cobbold was desirous of being employed on full pay again but it seems this request was refused. He must have had one further posting to Ireland as their second daughter Catherine was born there in 1831.

By 1841 he was living with his wife and two daughters in Norwich Road, Ipswich. His wife died in 1845. She may have gone to London for treatment as her death was registered in Marylebone and he is shown on the certificate as Lieutenant (Army) on half pay. By 1851 he had moved to 3 Alfred Place, Norwich Road, Ipswich where he lived with Catherine who seems to have died in 1856. It is not known when he left the Army but he was still living in Ipswich when he died there and was buried in the cemetery in February 1870.

Only his daughter Maria and his son George Augustus survived him. He left small legacies to Maria and a servant and all else to George Augustus who was living at 3 St John’s Place, Abbey Road, St John’s Wood, with instructions that the interest was to be used to provide an education for his grandson, also named George Augustus. Some of the property bequeathed had been inherited from his older brother Thomas who was a brewer in Harwich, of which town he was also Mayor, who had died in 1845 without issue.

It seems that the legacy was put to good use. Young George Augustus went to Harrow and on to Pembroke College, Oxford where he took his degree in 1879 and was ordained Deacon in 1880 and Priest in1881. His cousin, Anna Frances Cobbold (1830-1907) had married as his second wife The Very Reverend Dean Edward Spooner, Rector of Hadleigh and guided by her husband she put up most of the funds for the construction of the new St Bartholemew’s Church in Ipswich built in 1894 as a memorial to her father, John Chevallier Cobbold (1797-1882). George Augustus became the first incumbent of the new church and is reported to have travelled extensively in Europe, Asia, Africa and America, presumably prior to taking up his appointment. He was also the author of a number of religious works.

He married, probably late in life, Ethel F Scott, widow of Hugh Stowell Scott (1862/3-1903) the novelist who wrote under the pseudonym Henry Seton Merriman, producing a series of 14 well regarded books. As far as we know they had no children so Frederick’s line ended with his only grandchild.

Anthony Cobbold November 2009

Military information provided by Jim Lees

Life Events

1790Death of mother Elizabeth WILKINSON
1818Married Maria O'CONNOR in Dunmore by Galway
1821Birth of son John Bodkin COBBOLD
1822Birth of son George Augustus COBBOLD
1825Birth of daughter Maria Sarah COBBOLD
1831Birth of daughter Catherine (Kate) COBBOLD
1835Death of father John COBBOLD
1849Death of son John Bodkin COBBOLD
1856Death of daughter Catherine (Kate) COBBOLD
1867Death of wife Maria O'CONNOR

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