Born1793 Exeter, Devon
FatherJames John Charles AGASSIZ RN (1772 – 1857)
MotherAnn SMITH (1771 – 1795)

Biography and Notes

Lewis, of Stour Lodge was an oldest son who married twice, having a total of 15 children; 2 with his first wife Elizabeth Nunn (Mrs Phillebrown) and 13 with his second wife, Sarah Eliza Nunn, a first cousin once removed of his first wife. Elizabeth was the cousin of Sarah Eliza's father, Thomas Nunn, the banker.

The Trust holds outline information going back another 4 generations.

Life Events

1795Death of mother Ann SMITH
1817Married Elizabeth NUNN
1819Birth of daughter Elizabeth Mary Ann AGASSIZ
1825Death of wife Elizabeth NUNN
1843Death of daughter Elizabeth Mary Ann AGASSIZ
1857Death of father James John Charles AGASSIZ RN

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