John Firmin JOSSELYN

Died1872 West Ham, Essex
FatherFirmin JOSSELYN (1776 – 1843)
MotherSarah COBBOLD (1778 – 1843)
OccupationWine & Spirit Merchant in Ipswich which went bankrupt in 1829

Biography and Notes

There was a further child born to John and Mary - her name was Mary Jane Gaisford Josselyn born in 1852. She died in 1853 aged 1. Families named their child the same as the previous child who died.

Life Events

1820Married Elizabeth STODARD in Sutton, Suffolk
1821Birth of daughter Elizabeth Sarah JOSSELYN
1822Birth of daughter Sarah Janet JOSSELYN
1823Birth of son Charles John JOSSELYN
1825Birth of daughter Augusta JOSSELYN
1843Death of father Firmin JOSSELYN
1843Death of mother Sarah COBBOLD
1849Married Mary GAISFORD
1849Birth of daughter Mary Jane Gaisford JOSSELYN
1849Death of daughter Mary Jane Gaisford JOSSELYN
1850Birth of son Charles Gaisford JOSSELYN
1860Birth of son Henry Gaisford JOSSELYN
1862Death of son Henry Gaisford JOSSELYN

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