Eugenie Sophie Melanie DELOBEAU

Died1830 Ardres, Boulogne, France

Biography and Notes

Eugenie's parents:- Jean Baptise Delobeau born 24 8 1771 Paris, France and died 12 12 1833 Boulogne, France and Marie Marguerite Ferdinande Lemaitre born 20 3 1776 and died 14 1 1849 Boulogne, France. They had 3 children.

Life Events

1819Married Francois Paulin MARIETTE in Boulogne, France
1819Birth of daughter Sophie Pauline MARIETTE
1820Death of daughter Sophie Pauline MARIETTE
1821Birth of son Francois Auguste Ferdinand MARIETTE
1823Birth of daughter Sophie Pauline Clara MARIETTE
1827Birth of son Professor Charles Paul Alphonse MARIETTE

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