Thomas Walden HANMER

Born1875 Ipswich, Suffolk
Died1949 Sydney, NSW, Australia
FatherRear-Adm John Graham Job HANMER (1836 – 1919)
MotherMary Caroline (Cobbold) ALDRICH (1840 – 1925)
OccupationInspector of Stock, Department of Agriculture, Sydney, NSW, Australia

Life Events

1903Married Ida WHITBY-SIMPSON in NSW Australia
1903Birth of daughter Helen Walden HANMER
1905Birth of daughter Mildred Walden HANMER
1910Birth of daughter Beatrice Walden HANMER
1915Birth of son John Walden HANMER
1919Death of father Rear-Adm John Graham Job HANMER
1925Death of mother Mary Caroline (Cobbold) ALDRICH

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