Lt Col Frederic BRANDRETH (Later GANDY)

Born1812 Liverpool, Lancashire
Died1883 Heaves Lodge, Kendal, Westmorland
OccupationScots Guards

Biography and Notes

Baptised on 08 09 1813.

In 1859 when his second wife inherited the family seat, Heaves Lodge, he changed his name and that of his children to Gandy. Frederic's father was Joseph Brandreth MD (1746-1815), Physician, born in Ormskirke, Lancashire, He remained at Liverpool for the remainder of his life, and became an eminently successful and popular practitioner.

Life Events

1840Married Elizabeth Mary Ann AGASSIZ in St Mary's Mistley
1843Birth of son Capt Frederick Lewis BRANDRETH
1843Birth of daughter Alice Elizabeth BRANDRETH
1843Death of wife Elizabeth Mary Ann AGASSIZ
1846Married Jane GANDY in Kendal, Westmorland
1848Birth of daughter Annis Lucy Harriet BRADRETH (later GANDY)
1851Birth of son James Milnes Gandy BRANDRETH (later GANDY) JP DL
1882Death of son Capt Frederick Lewis BRANDRETH
1883Death of wife Jane GANDY

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