Born1745 Stowmarket, Suffolk
Died1797 Stowmarket, Suffolk

Biography and Notes

Baptised 25 9 1745 Stowmarket, Suffolk and buried 18 4 1797 at St Peter and St Mary, Stowmarket.

John and Amy had nine children but only two are listed.

John Aldrich had married previously 18 2 1761 Stowmarket to Mary Mudd (birth date not known) and died 23 3 1771 Stowmarket. She may have died in childbirth. She was buried on 25 3 1771.

John Aldrich was the son of William Aldrich born 25 9 1699 Stowmarket, Suffolk and died 25 3 1767 Stowmarket and Elizabeth Bunn born 1703 Stowmarket and died 3 4 1773 also in Stowmarket. They married 7 4 1727 Stowmarket and had five children.

Life Events

1771Married Amy COOK in Stowmarket, Suffolk
1777Birth of son John ALDRICH
1782Birth of son Rev Charles ALDRICH

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