Ethel Mary Ann ELLISTON

Born1886 London (Bapt. 22/8/1886, Lambeth, London)
Died1937 England
FatherHerman (Herbert) James ELLISTON (1863 – 1922)
MotherSarah Emma HUFF (1867 – 1952)
OccupationProfiler for Scotland Yard for 15 years

Biography and Notes

Married a circus strongman called Aronovitch and went to Australia with him. Returned to London where she married a Solicitor named Lyons who she probably met through her work at Scotland Yard where she was a graphologist for 15 years.

Life Events

1903Married Harold LYONS in (3rd Qtr) Tendering, Essex
1905Birth of daughter Dorothy (Dolly) LYONS
1910Birth of son Leonard Abraham LYONS
1922Death of father Herman (Herbert) James ELLISTON

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