Sarah Mackay COBBOLD

Born1987 Reading, Berks
FatherChristopher (Chris) Geoffrey COBBOLD (1959 – ?)
MotherJeanne (Jeannie) Margaret Mackay INCH (1953 – ?)
OccupationLoughborough University, English with Publishing (2008). Chief Sub-Editor, FOOD, Waitrose magazine

Biography and Notes

Rowed for England but has since given up. Likes to write, particularly on food topics. Worked for a while for the BBC Gone to Canada summer 2009 for 9 months. Now (2012) sub-editor 'Waitrose Kitchens' their food magazine. 2017 described as editor landlady and running a catering business. Now (Christmas 2018) living in Hackney, still working for Waitrose Food Magazine and still running her own rather special catering business.

Life Events


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