Richard (Dick) BRANFORD

Died1939 Lyallpur, India as a result of an accident at a level crossing
FatherEdgar BRANFORD (1849 – 1923)
MotherEdith HILL (1851 – 1917)
OccupationTrained at university as a vet and qualified for MRCVS about 1910

Biography and Notes

Dick seems to have been the only one of the Branford family to have gone to university as there is a reference in a letter to him doing a post graduate course. He must have trained as a veterinary surgeon as he then joined the Indian Veterinary Service in about 1910 and had a MRCVS qualification. In this, he was following the example of his father's cousin William Catton Branford, who was Professor of Veterinary Surgery at Edinburgh and also was the Cape Colony veterinary surgeon for a time.

In 1911 Dick was sent to Rangoon to fight an outbreak of glanders in the horses there. By 1918 he was Superintendent of the government cattle farm at Hissar, India. This farm started as a private camel stud in 1890 but was taken over by the Indian Government to improve the breeding of horses, sheep, goats, swine and buffaloes as well as cattle.

Dick co-authored two technical papers on animal breeding and nutrition in 1921 and 1922, based on work at the farm. He set up the Kot Branford stud farm in Lyallpur, India and died in the civil hospital there on 15th December 1939, supposedly after an accident at a level crossing.

Peter Hill 2011

Life Events

1917Death of mother Edith HILL
1918Married Joyce Evelyn COBBOLD in Hitcham Church by the Rector of Hitcham (the bride's father) assisted by the Rector of Cockfield (the groom's uncle)
1920Birth of son Robert Richard BRANFORD
1923Death of father Edgar BRANFORD

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