Rosina Anne Doyle WHEELER

Born1802 Limerick, Ireland
Died1882 Ireland
FatherFrancis Massey WHEELER (1776 – 1820)
MotherAnna DOYLE (1782 – 1848)
OccupationNovelist, poet and satirist.

Biography and Notes

Rosina and Edward separated in 1836. Rosina was an Irish beauty, novellist and satirist. She wrote 14 novels, plus poems and letters. One of her books was titled "A Blighted Marriage". Her husband certified her as insane in 1859 but she was released after five weeks due to a public outcry.

When Rosina died in 1882, her grave had no headstone and it was only in 1995 her Great-Great-Grandson, the 2nd Lord Cobbold had one placed on her grave with a suitable inscription carved in the stone.

Life Events

1820Death of father Francis Massey WHEELER
1827Married Edward George Earle BULWER-LYTTON !st Baron Lytton PC DCL in London
1828Birth of daughter Emily Elizabeth BULWER
1831Birth of son Edward Robert BULWER GCB, GCSI, CIE, PC 1st Earl of Lytton
1848Death of daughter Emily Elizabeth BULWER
1848Death of mother Anna DOYLE
1873Death of husband Edward George Earle BULWER-LYTTON !st Baron Lytton PC DCL

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