Freda Angela COBBOLD

Born1884 Ipswich, Suffolk
Died1936 Ipswich, Suffolk (Died unmarried). Burial: All Saints, Little Bealings, Suffolk
FatherFrancis Alfred COBBOLD JP (1852 – 1915)
MotherFredrica (Freda) Julia WORSHIP (1855 – 1938)

Biography and Notes


Some thoughts about the naming of the Angela Cobbold Memorial Church Room in Little Bealings, Suffolk.

Angela’s father, Francis Alfred Cobbold (1852-1915) a grandson of brewer, John Wilkinson Cobbold (1774-1860) was born in Ipswich. He graduated from St. John’s College, Cambridge in 1874 and married Frederica (Freda) Julia Worship in Kent in 1880, here referred to as Freda. They set up home in Ipswich.

Three children followed:
Francis Alfred Worship Cobbold born 1882 (FAWC)
Freda Angela Cobbold born 1884 (Angela)
Gladys Jessie born 1886 (Gladys)

In 1908 FAWC qualified as a solicitor and by 1912 the family is living in Westbury Lodge, Anglesea Road, Ipswich. The war years were an unhappy time; FAWC was away at the war, his father, Francis Alfred died in 1915 and his sister Gladys died in 1917. Both were buried in Ipswich.

In 1920 Freda and daughter Angela moved to Crossways, their new home in Little Bealings and it is thought this was a happy time during which Freda exercised her passion for gardening to the full. In 1922 FAWC married Beatrice Worthington (1879-1961) in London and it is thought they set up home at Sproughton Hall about this time. Later correspondence suggests their home was Church Close, Sproughton.

After 16 years, Freda’s time in Little Bealings came to an abrupt end when Angela died in 1936. One assumes that mother and daughter had been both close and happy so Angela was laid to rest there, money was given in her memory for the Church Room and the grieving mother went to live with her son at Sproughton where she herself died two years later.

Land for the Church Room was given by Capt. Hervey of Little Bealings Grove and was valued at that time at £25. The project was organised by FAWC on behalf of his mother to a design provided by Mr. Worthingham. The building was paid for by Freda and the gift of land was conditional upon the building being made over to the Diocese upon completion which duly happened in 1938 or 1939. It is uncertain whether Freda saw the completed building prior to her death.

Neither FAWC nor his siblings had children so that line of the family has died out.

Life Events

1915Death of father Francis Alfred COBBOLD JP

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