James Fallas SHAW

Born1842 Leeds, Yorkshire
Died1907 Kent
OccupationComposer and Organist

Biography and Notes

James and Charlotte had 9 children. Parents of James Fallas Shaw - James Shaw born 14 10 1803 Leeds, Yorkshire and died January 1868 Leeds, Yorkshire and Mary Fallas born 6 4 1806 Horbury, Yorkshire and died October 1893 Leeds, Yorkshire. They married 2 5 1828 Leeds, Yorkshire and had 10 children.

Life Events

1872Married Charlotte Elizabeth JAMES in Lambeth, Surrey
1875Birth of son Dr. Martin Edward Fallas SHAW OBE FRCM
1879Birth of son Dr. Geoffrey Turton SHAW
1882Birth of son Julius (Jules) Brinkley SHAW
1887Birth of daughter Helen Veronica SHAW

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