Charlotte Maud Ashby WATSON-DAVIS

Born1862 Jamaica
Died1900 Jamaica (Buried at Halfway Tree Church)
FatherDr Bartholomew WATSON-DAVIS MD (?)

Biography and Notes

Charlotte's father was Bartholomew Watson-Davis MD of Rosedale, Jamaica.

Life Events

?Married Unknown
1886Married Henry Montague (Monty) Chevallier COBBOLD in Halfway Tree Church, Kingston, Jamaica, by the Rev H H Isaacs assisted by the Rev G W Downer, Rector of Kingston, Jamaica.
1887Birth of daughter May Chevallier COBBOLD
1889Birth of daughter Frances Louisa Chevallier COBBOLD
1890Birth of daughter Maud Chevallier COBBOLD
1893Birth of daughter Violet Chevallier COBBOLD
1895Birth of son Felix Rudolph Chevallier COBBOLD

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