Herman (Herbert) James ELLISTON

Born1863 Bow, London
Died1922 in a warehouse at bottom of stairs
FatherArthur James Cobbold ELLISTON (1839 – 1919)
MotherMary Ann STURGEON (1842 – ?)
OccupationPolice Constable, Detective and Security Guard

Biography and Notes

BIOGRAPHY of Herman (Herbert ) James Elliston b. Mar 18th. 1863 .. .....d. Sept. 18th. 1922

Son of Arthur James Cobbold Elliston and Mary Ann Sturgeon married Feb 27 1983 in Bow, London. It is believed his father sailed off to Australia before he was born and never returned to England. (see "The Cobbold Elliston Affair" by Sandra Berry, 2007)

Herman was reared and educated from the age of two, by his maternal grandmother in Ipswich. He joined the Metropolitan Police force in Bow, London, Dec. 10th. 1883, as a constable at the age of 21. Warrant number 68777. He subsequently transferred to the Greenwich Division as a Detective. During his career he had investigated at least one of the White chapel murders. After nearly 18 years of good service, he was retired with a pension Feb. 22nd 1901. This was due to an injury while on duty when he was severely kicked in both legs.

He married Emma Huff on Aug. 6th.1885 and they had five daughters who lived to adulthood. He also had two sons who died in childhood. My mother remembers him as a wonderful father, happy go lucky in nature. He played the banjo and taught them all to sing the English pub songs.
His marriage to Emma broke up in 1902. Returning to Ipswich, he worked as a private investigator and security night watchman. It was while he was doing the latter that he lost his life. He was discovered on the morning of Sept. 18th 1922 dead at the foot of a stair case. It was surmised he either had a heart attack or had been taken by surprise and was pushed..
In his will he left each of his daughters the sum of $250. Emma and four of his daughters were now living in Canada.

Herman changed his first name to Herbert during World War 1. Again I can only surmise that it had to do with the war with Germany and Herbert sounded more English. His grave in the Ipswich cemetery (NN-2-33) states that he is buried with his "beloved wife Anne Elizabeth died 1934."
Emma, his first wife and mother of his children died 1949 and is buried in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Peg Keeler, (Granddaughter) Feb. 2008

Life Events

1885Married Sarah Emma HUFF
1886Birth of daughter Ethel Mary Ann ELLISTON
1887Birth of son Herman George ELLISTON
1887Death of son Herman George ELLISTON
1890Birth of daughter Emma Mable ELLISTON
1892Birth of daughter Hermona (Monie) Annie ELLISTON
1894Birth of daughter Elizabeth (Bessie) Sturgeon ELLISTON
1897Birth of daughter Victoria Dorothy (Dolly) ELLISTON
1898Birth of son Herman G Alexander ELLISTON
1899Death of son Herman G Alexander ELLISTON
1919Death of father Arthur James Cobbold ELLISTON

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