Died1861 Blackgang, Isle of Wight, Hampshire
FatherWilliam CAMPBELL (1749 – 1815)
MotherUnknown (1756 – 1844)

Biography and Notes

Marian lived during the reigns of George III, George IV, William IV and Victoria. She was only 16 when she married Sir Henry, he was 25, in Edinburgh.

In 1840 she published her book of poems 'Gleanings' dedicated to Francois-Rene Chateaubriand. The French revolution occurred 1789-99 just before her birth. Chateaubriand spent time in England after his exile from France but she is unlikely to have met him at that time. Later in 1840 he would have been 72 and a well celebrated figure in society.

In this collection of poems 'The Sisters' is a perceptive sketch of thoughts of three of her daughters, Augusta, Marian and Aline, in their youth. 'The Choice' is understood to be written with her eldest son, John, in mind. 'Ambition' is a sketch of the feelings of frustrated desire to be accomplished, at a time when writing for a woman was difficult to achieve. Throughout the collection, there are many references to a traditional poetic language of plants and flowers also known as Florigraphy; the coded significance of flowers in the 19th century culture enabled ladies to express what they could not say in words. There are also references to the ancient world, romance, nature, daily life, motherhood and local and world history.

In 1853 she published the partly translated 'Tales of the Boyhood of Great Painters'. This was followed in 1854 by 'Painting and Celebrated Painters Ancient and Modern' in two volumes.

Many of her poems in 'Gleanings' have been illustrated by her three times great granddaughter, Victoria Parker-Jervis who is #8700 on this family tree.

Life Events

1815Death of father William CAMPBELL
1818Married Sir Henry Meredyth JERVIS-WHITE-JERVIS 2nd Bt in Edinburgh, Scotland
1818Birth of daughter Augusta JERVIS-WHITE-JERVIS
1819Birth of son Rev. John JERVIS-WHITE-JERVIS
1821Birth of son Sir Humphrey Charles JERVIS-WHITE-JERVIS 3rd Bt.
1822Birth of daughter Catherine Henrietta Frances Augusta JERVIS-WHITE-JERVIS
1825Birth of son Col. Henry JERVIS-WHITE-JERVIS RA MP
1827Birth of daughter Marian JERVIS-WHITE-JERVIS
1828Birth of son Cdr Jocelyn JERVIS-WHITE-JERVIS RN
1830Birth of daughter Aline JERVIS-WHITE-JERVIS
1843Birth of daughter Adeaide JERVIS-WHITE-JERVIS
1844Death of mother Unknown
1852Death of daughter Aline JERVIS-WHITE-JERVIS

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