Katherine Sarah HAWARD

Born1831 Sproughton, Suffolk
Died1914 Felixstowe. MI at Trimley St Martin
FatherThomas HAWARD (1795 – 1869)
MotherFrances Maria GENTRY (1790 – 1869)
Occupation(of Sproughton)

Life Events

1854Married Horace COBBOLD in Sproughton, Ipswich, Suffolk
1854Birth of daughter Louisa COBBOLD
1856Birth of daughter Florence Jane COBBOLD
1857Birth of daughter Alice Sarah COBBOLD
1859Birth of daughter Emily Clementina COBBOLD
1860Birth of daughter Rose Fanny COBBOLD
1863Birth of son George Thomas COBBOLD
1864Birth of son Horace John COBBOLD
1867Birth of daughter Eva Kathleen COBBOLD
1869Death of father Thomas HAWARD
1869Death of mother Frances Maria GENTRY
1870Birth of daughter Octavia Mary Augusta COBBOLD
1890Death of husband Horace COBBOLD
1911Death of daughter Alice Sarah COBBOLD
1912Death of daughter Emily Clementina COBBOLD

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