Alfred Townshend COBBOLD OBE

Born1852 (Twin) St. Albans, Hertfordshire
Died1934 New (A) Municipal, Woodbridge, Suffolk
FatherDr Rowland Townshend COBBOLD MRCS (1821 – 1895)
MotherSarah Frances WESTHORP (1817 – 1891)
OccupationSolicitor, admitted 1876. Was articled to his uncle in Ipswich on 8/8/1870. Clerk of the Peace and Clerk to the County Councils of East and West Suffolk.

Biography and Notes



ALFRED TOWNSHEND COBBOLD. Probably, for some years, this was the most familiar Official signature throughout our county of Suffolk. To many of us, the news - at the end of last October - of the passing of Mr. Cobbold recalled grateful memories of a former parishioner and friend of our village, who, for about fourteen years, resided with his wife and family at Bramford House. He was a very keen sportsman. Often on Saturday afternoons and late on moon-light nights watching for wild duck and snipe in river meadows in the vicinity of Frog Hall, where he enjoyed many a cup of tea, tales of gypsies, folk-lore, etc., and a pipe with the celebrities who then inhabited the hospital thatched cottage. His other favourite passtime of fishing was shared by Mrs. Cobbold. Together, also, from time to time, they welcomed Mothers' Union and G.F.S. Members to Festivals in their garden, and twice organised Choir Gatherings from the neighbourhood in our Church, when their son-in-law, Mr. Martin Shaw, presided at the organ, and led congregational practices, giving his criticism and help. As a member of our first Church Council, Mr. Cobbold's legal knowledge proved useful on more than one occasion, and after the end of the Great War he became Treasurer of the Fund subscribed to build the Victory Hill.
The outstanding memory of two, at least, in our present congrgation of Mr. and Mrs. Cobbold is their unfailing regularity Sunday by Sunday, and, whenever possible, on Holy Days at the 8 am and 7.30 pm services, as well as at other times.

February 2009

Alfred was at Felsted School from January 1866 to December 1869. The school reports that he was known as 'Dirty Cobbold' because he trapped and skinned moles, rats and mice, this to differentiate him from his twin.

Life Events

1883Married Mary Sarah HAWKINS in Crowfield, Ipswich, Suffolk
1885Birth of daughter Mary Theodora COBBOLD MBE
1885Death of wife Mary Sarah HAWKINS
1885Birth of daughter Mary COBBOLD
1886Married Alice Bessie NUNN Mus Bac
1887Birth of daughter Gwyneth (Gwen) Alice COBBOLD
1889Birth of daughter Margaret Townshend COBBOLD (Sister Mary of Carmel)
1890Birth of daughter Joan Lindley COBBOLD
1891Death of mother Sarah Frances WESTHORP
1892Birth of son 2nd. Lt. Rowland Townshend COBBOLD RFA
1895Birth of son Cdr. Sterling Neville (Cobbie) COBBOLD DSC RN RAN
1895Death of father Dr Rowland Townshend COBBOLD MRCS
1896Birth of son Alfred Michael (Mike) Gordon COBBOLD
1902Birth of daughter Aline Hope Primrose COBBOLD
1915Death of son 2nd. Lt. Rowland Townshend COBBOLD RFA
1927Death of daughter Gwyneth (Gwen) Alice COBBOLD
1928Death of wife Alice Bessie NUNN Mus Bac

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