Anna Maria Chevallier KINDER

Born1841 Sandridge, Hertfordshire
Died1929 Folkestone, Kent
FatherThomas KINDER (1813 – 1881)
MotherFrances Caroline CHEVALLIER (1814 – 1882)

Life Events

1865Married Temple Corrie CHEVALLIER in Sandridge, Hertfordshire
1873Married Henry BRADY in Sandridge, Hertfordshire
1874Birth of daughter Hilda Muriel Emma BRADY
1875Birth of daughter Kathleen Ethel BRADY
1877Birth of son Wilfred Charles Hepburn BRADY
1878Birth of daughter Evelyn Dorothea BRADY
1880Birth of son Major Lionel Francis BRADY
1881Birth of son Frederick Eustace BRADY
1881Death of father Thomas KINDER
1882Death of son Wilfred Charles Hepburn BRADY
1882Birth of son Lt. Gerald Hepburn BRADY RN
1882Death of mother Frances Caroline CHEVALLIER
1898Death of son Frederick Eustace BRADY
1914Death of husband Henry BRADY

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