Frederick WANKLYN

Born1838 Manchester, Lancashire
Died1874 Buenos Aires, Argentina

Biography and Notes

(Baptised 21 9 1838 Deansgate, Manchester)

Frederick was assassinated on the steps of his bank in Buenos Aires.

Frederick and Elizabeth had 10 children. Frederick's parents: John Bradshaw Wanklyn born 29 3 1800 Manchester and died 17 9 1870 Hampshire and Jane Wilson born 1841 and died 1844 Salford, Lancashire. They married 30 5 1822 Kendal, Westmorland. Parents of John Bradshaw Wanklyn: William Wanklyn born 1770 and Sarah Bradshaw. They married 5 10 1796 Manchester.

Life Events

1859Married Elizabeth Riestra LUMB in Buenos Aires, Argentina
1860Birth of son Frederick Lumb WANKLYN
1861Birth of son Edward WANKLYN
1864Birth of daughter Mary Elizabeth (Cora) WANKLYN
1864Birth of daughter Ann Hariett WANKLYN
1867Birth of daughter Rosa Evelyn WANKLYN
1868Birth of son John Alfred WANKLYN
1870Birth of daughter Ida Agnes WANKLYN
1872Birth of son William Lumb WANKLYN
1873Birth of daughter Ellen Jane WANKLYN
1874Birth of son Frank Wilson WANKLYN
1874Death of son Frank Wilson WANKLYN

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