Biography and Notes

of Cromford Kt. Sir Richard married secondly Margaret Biggins of Pennington in co. Chester, in 1761. They had 3 children but only one Susanna survived to adulthood.

Sir Richard Arkwright was an 18th century English inventor and industrialist known as 'the Father of the Industrial Revolution'. He was a leading entrepreneur and is credited to be the creator of the modern factory system which enabled the large scale economical production of standardized components. A very creative inventor, he invented the spinning frame and a rotary carding engine that transformed raw cotton into cotton lap. However, it was his development of the modern factory system that made his name immortal in the annals of history. Born as the youngest child in a large family, he grew up in poverty. His father, a tailor, was so poor that he could not even afford to send Richard to school. After learning to read and write from a cousin, he apprenticed with a barber and started making a living as a wig-maker. In his career as a wig-maker he came into contact with many weavers and spinners and eventually entered the textile business. He became a successful businessman and devised a method for mass-producing yarn which greatly improved the efficiency of the production process and improved profitability. Over a period of time he established textile mills in several locations and died a very wealthy man

Life Events

1755Married Patience HOLT
1755Birth of son Richard ARKWRIGHT (Jnr)
1756Death of wife Patience HOLT

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