Robert Lindley NUNN Mus. Bac.

Born1826 "in the Churchyard at Bury St Edmunds"
Died1901 Ipswich, Suffolk
FatherRobert NUNN (1764 – 1827)
MotherMary ALDRICH (1769 – 1830)
OccupationOrganist, Professional Musician and Music Teacher. Organist at St Mary-le-Tower, Ipswich

Biography and Notes

Robert was educated at Bolmfield House, Bury Grammar School, King Edward's School and the Royal Academy of Music. He lived at West View, Westerfield Road, Ipswich, Suffolk. His father bought a house in Bury St Edmunds which had been built on the foundations of St Margaret's Church and which adjoined the Shire Hall. Hence his claim. He had one brother, Isobel confirms. Alice Bessie had 4 sisters.
At the opening of the newly erected Ipswich School in 1851, Nunn was appointed choirmaster and settled in Ipswich as a teacher of music. In January 1865 he was admitted at St John's College, Cambridge gruduating Mus.B in 1867 and the following year provided a grand concert on the opening of the new Ipswich Town Hall.
In 1881 he was living at Cross Yard, Cornhill, Ipswich. He was a member and a regular exhibitor at the Ipswich Arts Club, 1879-1897.

Life Events

1827Death of father Robert NUNN
1830Death of mother Mary ALDRICH
1852Married Catherine Jane STUTTER in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk
1859Birth of daughter Alice Bessie NUNN Mus Bac
1863Birth of daughter Alexandra Louise NUNN
1884Death of wife Catherine Jane STUTTER
1892Married Frances Augusta MARTIN in Ipswich, Suffolk

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