Horace Spurling DAWSON

Born1853 Suffolk
Died1928 Woodbridge, Suffolk

Biography and Notes

Horace's parents were John Dawson (who inherited Stratton Hall from his father Joseph), born 8th December 1811 and died 1887 both in Suffolk, and Jane Spurling of Starston born 1820 and died 1865, both in Suffolk. They had married in Hoxne in 1843 and had 12 children.
John's younger brother William was a Miller in Levington and William's son Alfred (who had a daughter - Freda Florence - was the founder of Alfred Dawson & Co (Rushmere). This company were road engineers and ploughmen having altogether 37 traction engines and rollers. Two ploughing engines were sold to A H Cobbold of Claydon in the 1900s and two more in 1931. One of Horace's sisters was married to Ernest Leslie Ransome of the famous Suffolk engineering family.
Of passing interest, the Trust has a passbook issued by Bacon, Cobbold, Tollemache & Coy. to Mrs Amelia Jessie Spurling with entries dated 1894 - 1896. Tucked within is a visiting card bearing the name of Mr J H F Spurling. Entries in the pass book show frequent payments of around £5 in cash to JHFS.

Life Events

1880Married Alice Sarah COBBOLD in (3rd Qtr) Woodbridge, Suffolk
1881Birth of daughter Violet Phyllis C DAWSON
1883Birth of son Noel John DAWSON
1884Birth of daughter Florence Jane DAWSON
1886Birth of daughter Alice Margaret DAWSON
1886Death of daughter Alice Margaret DAWSON
1887Death of daughter Florence Jane DAWSON
1889Birth of daughter Doris K DAWSON
1890Birth of daughter Gertrude Mary DAWSON
1894Birth of daughter Harriet Cobbold DAWSON
1911Death of wife Alice Sarah COBBOLD
1928Death of daughter Violet Phyllis C DAWSON

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