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  • Sarah COBBOLL

    Born1717 Trimley St Martin, Suffolk
    FatherThomas COBBOLL (? – 1738)
    MotherDorothy Unknown (1688 – 1767)
    Occupation(Inherited Capel Hall Farm in 1738)

    Life Events

    1738Married Thomas COBBOLD in Trimley St Martin
    1738Death of father Thomas COBBOLL
    1739Birth of daughter Sarah COBBOLD
    1741Birth of son Thomas COBBOLD
    1741Death of son Thomas COBBOLD
    1741Birth of son John COBBOLD
    1741Death of son John COBBOLD
    1742Birth of son Rev Thomas COBBOLD
    1743Birth of son John COBBOLD
    1744Death of son John COBBOLD
    1744Birth of daughter Sarah COBBOLD
    1746Birth of son John COBBOLD
    1747Birth of son William COBBOLD
    1750Birth of daughter Mary COBBOLD
    1767Death of husband Thomas COBBOLD
    1767Death of mother Dorothy Unknown