Gen. Alexander Crowder CROOKSHANK CB

Born1824 Hammersmith, London
Died1877 Dublin, Ireland

Biography and Notes

Parents of Gen. Alexander Crookshank: George Crookshank born 15 9 1796 and died 3 3 1833 Surrey and Amel Elizabeth Charlotte Souter Kelly born 1801 Middlesex and died 29 9 1871 Middlesex. They married 1824 Chippenham, Wiltshire and had 4 children. Amel Elizabeth remarried 1838 to Edwin George Tayton born 1811 and died 1845. They had one son.

Life Events

1859Married Anne Katherine FONNEREAU in Ipswich, Suffolk
1861Birth of daughter Rosa Anne Fonnereau CROOKSHANK
1869Birth of daughter Katherine Nona Fonnereau CROOKSHANK

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