Biography and Notes

Father and son died on consecutive days. Thomas Neale on 11th October and his son, Peter James on 12th. They were buried together in Tuddenham Churchyard.

Life Events

1855Death of father Rev. William Charles FONNEREAU JP DL
1861Married Blanch Editha PEARSE
1862Birth of son William Neale FONNEREAU
1863Birth of son Zacharie de Valliquerville FONNEREAU
1865Birth of daughter Ivry Editha FONNEREAU
1865Birth of daughter Laura Marguerite FONNEREAU
1866Birth of son Thomas Claude FONNEREAU
1868Birth of daughter Catherine Claudine FONNEREAU
1869Birth of daughter Phoebe Verena FONNEREAU
1871Death of daughter Laura Marguerite FONNEREAU
1871Birth of son Charles Augustus FONNEREAU
1873Birth of daughter Gabrielle Monica FONNEREAU
1874Birth of daughter Hilda Helena FONNEREAU
1876Birth of son Peter James FONNEREAU
1885Death of wife Blanch Editha PEARSE
1885Death of mother Katherine (Kate) Georgina COBBOLD
1890Death of son Peter James FONNEREAU

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